Skilled Nursing Services:

Registered Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse: Implements and coordinates plan of treatment initiated by the physician; Assesses/ Evaluates patient’s status; Consults/Educates patient and family regarding the disease process Evaluates effectiveness and outcome of care to achieve a successful discharge/recovery.

Medical Social Services:

Medical Social Worker: Assesses the patient’s psychological, social and resource needs; Makes community referrals appropriate to patient’s needs and serves as a liaison between families, patient and community agencies. Personal Care Services: Certified
Home Health Aide Services:
Home Health Aide: Provides personal care services ordered in the plan of care such as bathing, oral hygiene, skin care, prevention of skin breakdown, dressing, and toileting; Prepares nutritious meals and assists in feeding as necessary.

Rehabilitation Services:

Physical Therapist: Assesses therapeutic, rehabilitative, functional, and potential needs such as muscle strengthening, range of motion, mobility and gait training; Evaluates/Educates patients on proper use of therapeutic equipment and prosthetic devices.
Occupational Therapist: Assesses patient’s occupational therapy needs; Evaluates for muscle function, strength and endurance, visual coordination, written and verbal communication skills, self-care and ability to perform activities of daily living.

Speech Therapist: Conducts diagnostic speech and language evaluation; Identifies functional speech deficits, and develops appropriate plan of care with the physician; Provides direct speech therapy using specialized therapeutic technique and recommends communication devices, aids, and/or equipment.

Mare Island Home Health specializes in the following Services:
• Orthopedic Home Rehabilitation Management
• Congestive Heart Failure Management
• Wound Care Management
• Post Coronary Artery Bypass Management
• Anticoagulation Management

We are also a provider of Telehealth Monitor
Home telehealth has been shown to:
• Reduce Hospitalizations by as much as 90%
• Reduce Hospital readmissions within 30 days by as much as 60%
• Reduce Hospital bed days by as much as 80%
• Reduce ER visits by as much as 80%
• With a simple touch of a button, patients can:
o Measure Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen, Blood Sugar, Weight, Temperature, Peak Flow and automatically forward these vital signs to the nursing center to monitor.